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Kyaik-htiyo Pagoda is one of Myanmar’s most spectacular sights. Atop a huge golden rock precariously balanced on the edge of a crag sits the little pagoda. Not easy to reach, a bumpy road through tree-clad hills with high mountains in the distance. At the end of the road a steep climb begins, for those not so fit there are sedan chairs carried by four young men. The path is narrow and steep so the bearers have to possess the agility of a goat. Once in the village the boulder with its tiny pagoda sits slightly below the square. Only men are allowed into the enclosure to place gold leaf on the boulder. The mystery of how the boulder remains balancing is unsolved legend says it is held safe by a strand of the Buddha’s hair which is enshrined in the pagoda.


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Central bank of Myanmar | 2022-08-16

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