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Things to know

Food & Beverages

Myanmar´s cuisine is mainly influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisine. The basic Myanmar food is mainly rice and curry. There are numerous forms of fish paste with salad. Soup is taken together with the rice and other dishes Mohinga, rice noodles with fish gravy; and Ohn-No-Khaukswe, noodles with coconut and chicken curry.  Myanmar is also a country of seafood. Crabs, prawns, lobsters and other shellfish are among the popular dishes available at most Myanmar and Chines Restaurants
There are many good restaurants in Yangon (local & international), which serve quality food at reasonable prices. It is easy to find restaurants offering Thai, Chinese, European, Italian, French, Indian and Burmese cuisine.
Eating at the street restaurants can be a wonderful Asian experience. The country has now wines of its own from a vineyard near Taunggyi at Shan State. Imported wines are also available but remain expensive.



Drinking Water

Never try to drink tap water. Purified, bottled water is available everywhere in Myanmar, you can buy it easily. Only Bottled water is readily available and most Myanmar hotels provide complimentary.

Myanmar standard time

Local time is GMT + 6 1/2 hours


There are no compulsory vaccinations but it is advisable to take some precaution concerning the malaria (don’t forget your mosquito repellent). Prescription drugs are not widely available and visitors should bring any required medication with them.


The extent of insurance coverage in Myanmar varies widely to western norms. It is suggested that visitors consider short-term health and accident policies from your own insurance company prior to leaving home. Local hospital care is basic, any seriously injured tourist will require medical evacuation to either Singapore or Bangkok. As medical evacuations can be extremely costly, we recommend that you take out a comprehensive insurance policy that will cover the costs of a medical evacuation and subsequent medical care.


The Myanmar currency is Kyats (pronounced "chats"). The following notes are in circulation 10’000, 5000, 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50,20,10,5,1.

Cash and Credit card

Credit Cards are only accepted at a very few hotels/restaurants. We suggest bringing a sufficient amount of cash (in US$ preferably) for personal expenses. Banks opening hour is from 9:30 to 15:00. Banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays. There is a lot of cash exchange office so it will be easy for you to change your cash in Myanmar Kyat (MMK). Only new note are accepted in the country (for exchange or payment). Make sure before entering in the country that your dollars are brand new, notes with torn off corners, rips or scrawls, stain are not accepted.
It is preferable to keep some US$ with you during your travel and not changing your all cash. A lot of Hotels and Flight Company ask payment in dollars for foreigner costumer.
Since 2012, Master and Visa card holders visiting Myanmar can use their debit and credit cards to withdraw local currency cash from Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) in the country. Myanmar is still new regarding this services and it is not available all over the country.

Airport tax

Departure tax for international flights is US$ 10


Departure tax for domestic flights is 1000 Kyats (1.5 US$) in each destination


An international driving license is accepted. Driving rules and procedures are not well followed. We therefore strongly recommend that visitors to Myanmar do not attempt to drive.

Post & Communication

Myanmar Postal Service is running throughout the Myanmar country, and also available Local Express Myanmar Postal Parcel Service and Foreign Express Myanmar Postal Parcel Service is also being carried out between Yangon and Singapore, Yangon and Bangkok, Yangon and Korea vice versa. Myanmar DHL Limited, joint venture of Myanmar Communication Service and DHL World-wide.


Access for internet improved considerably during the last 2-3 years but connection remain chaotic. Access is limited in internet cafes or some hotel


The country code for international calls is (+95). Myanmar does not have international roaming access, so your mobile phone can‘t work in Myanmar.
Yadanarpon teleport opens a shop at Yangon international airport renting mobile phone handsets and SIM cards to foreign visitors. The shop will offer GSM, CDMA-450, and CDMA-800 SIM cards as well as various handsets. Both require a deposit of US$ 100.00. SIM cards and handsets rental charges will be US$ 2.00 per day. Smartphone handsets will also be available for US$ 4.00 per day. CDMA-800 SIM cards could be used to access the internet. The rental does not include call charges. Those renting a SIM card would need to purchase a top up card, which cost from Kyats 5,000.00 to Kyats 30,000.00.


Tipping in Myanmar is much appreciated and practiced widely in addition to the service charge shown in the bill of restaurants and hotels but also for drivers and/or boat men.
There is no exact limit but depends upon the generosity and the satisfaction of their services.


Myanmar has 220-230 Volts AC


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