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Getting around Myanmar by train

Travelling by train can be one of the most alluring ways to explore Myanmar, as railway journeys often afford scenic views and chances to mix with locals that are often not otherwise possible. In upper class and overnight sleeper carriages, a sometimes more comfortable journey is possible than on buses – albeit with significantly bouncier ride than you will be used to on trains elsewhere.

In April 2014, Myanmar Railways ended the price differentiation for rail tickets between Myanmar locals and foreigners; previously, foreigners paid in dollars and at a substantially higher rate. Now, at railway station ticket offices, tickets are paid for in kyat at the same rate for everyone. On this website, prices are listed in US dollars where it is possible to book tickets online (price includes booking fee); where it is not possible to book online, we quote the price in kyat.

Tickets range from US$10 to $25 when booking long-distance journeys online, depending on the length of the journey and the class of seat or bed (see below for more information). Buying tickets in kyat at railway stations will usually cost between K1,000 and K10,000.


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